**Trigger warning on the video for general bigotry and trivializing the Holocaust**

I think I’ve achieved full internet fame now. A guy has lost his shit over my article at Lawsonry enough to make an 8 minute video about it in which he mentions my BA in women’s studies at least 5 times (all incredulously!) while making no legitimate points against mine. 

Love it. Feels awesome to have a dude who uses the term “female privilege” unironically make an entire video about me. Honestly I’m a little disappointed he didn’t say “Women get all the privileges, cunt” like the rest of the commenters on the site. 

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  2. caseyryann said: Guhhh, so much stupid, why was he given a camera?? “It has nothing to do with women constantly talking.” Right.
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    I had to stop after 2 minutes. I could feel my IQ dropping from the stupidity that man oozes.
  4. thegreatgoldenbaby said: I read the article and I thought it was very good but the comments were enraging…. completely outrageous and ridiculous.. how can people completely miss the point when it is so blatantly put?
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    Oh, sweet Lord, this man is an idiot.
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  7. cntenvy said: this is why i’ll never have children
  8. killingchivalry said: what the hell xDDD
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    Gee, nice flag.
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    Holy shit whattt
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    asjkdhasjkdh this guy omg this is the funniest shit i’ve ever seen and the AMERICAN FLAG!! also talking about “leftist...
  12. glowcloud said: oh my god he is everything i hate look at this douche
  13. kittencoaster said: WOW what an idiot.
  14. fotzepolitic said: I have something new to read! No, seriously, this article looks great.
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