To serve and protect who? To serve and protect what?

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"Waste of good ammo. It’s my privilege to buy you a replacement box."

"All self-respecting whites have a moral responsibility to support our growing number of martyrs to the failed experiment called diversity."

"I thank all Police, you are the ‘Thin Blue Line’ protecting normal Americans from aggressive and entitled primitive savages. America is surely at the tipping point."

Just a few quotes (in case it’s hard to read) from that collection of donation messages for Darren Wilson.

Does anyone else want to say it’s not about race?

"I wouldve donated double this amount but you missed his accomplice" I swear to fucking god…

these people are pure evil. not misguided, not confused, nope.

evil to their cores

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Beyond Ferguson, the pattern is clear. Blacks are always to blame, even as we are brutalized by police, ghettoized by neoliberal policies, and disenfranchised by a racist criminal (in)justice system.

But that’s the crux of white supremacist racial logic: the problem with black people is … well, black people – not mass incarceration and the deindustrialization of urban America, not educational inequality and generational poverty, not 400 years of slavery, lynchings, and Jim Crow. To be black in America is to be victimized and then made responsible for our victimization. We built this country. But, apparently, it is we who are lazy and dependent. We are bullied politically, socially and economically. But it is we who are called ‘thugs.’

Nyle Fort, "White Supremacy Is the Real Culprit in Ferguson; the Excuses Just Prove It" (via sonofbaldwin)

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12:01 AM in Ferguson. Curfew broken.


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Things are heating up again in Ferguson. This is Friday night, from about midnight to 1AM local time.

I honestly thought these were old pics until I saw the time stamps. Looks like having the token black highway patrol officer march ppl down the street didn’t do much after all

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The term “tear gas” is a misnomer. For one thing, “tear gas” seems to imply something innocuous— you would think it’s just a chemical that makes you tear up. In fact, tear gas is a dangerous, potentially lethal chemical agent which is outlawed under the Chemical Weapons Convention for use during wartime. As the Omega Research Foundation argues: “Less-lethal weapons are presented as more acceptable alternatives to guns. But these weapons augment rather than replace the more lethal weapons. Euphemistic labels are used to create the impression that these weapons represent soft and gentle forms of control. CS is never referred to by the authorities as vomit gas, in spite of its capacity to cause violent retching.” NGO Physicians for Human Rights believes that “ ‘tear gas’ is a misnomer for a group of poisonous gases which, far from being innocuous, have serious acute and longer-term adverse effects on the health of significant numbers of those exposed.” What is tear gas? Facing Tear Gas (via funeral)

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We want an immediate end to POLICE BRUTALITY and MURDER of black people. Point 7 of the Black Panther Party Platform and Ten-Point Program, October 1966 (via daughterofzami)

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Ferguson, Missouri August 13, 2014 [x]

A camera man fleeing the tear gas being thrown by police officers.

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Palestinian citizens are tweeting to the resistors in #Ferguson with support & tips on dealing with tear gas! #gaza pic.twitter.com/5WeHzsqPKN
— Occupy Oakland (@OccupyOakland)
August 14, 2014


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